Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Chapter 5

I thought it was over, but it wasn't. There I was, idly sitting on my bed the next night, staring at the person whom I wished to forget. So, the calm n peace will never continue. I beamed him with slightfully terrified eyes.

"What are you doing here?" my voice shuddered by that bit. He smiled. His aqua eyes looked into mine like droplets of clear waters. "Dreams."

I hated it when he gave me answers which I didn't understand. But some part of me wished not to understand. Instead I noticed something else. "You're looking different today, what special thing are you going to do now?"

He stood still, flashing his charming smile at me. Oddly, there wasn't the slightest breeze in my room, yet his indigo hair swayed gently from side to side, like the reposed wind in a calm grassland. Lights sparkle as they reflected from his dark tuxedo. Although his black tie was obviously crooked, but the whole package was just right to make light-heart girls faint. I kept looking at his still-water eyes, afraid to enter further into his thoughts, because I knew that once I do, there was no way out.

"I come for you, my darling," he spoke, after a long silence. "But please, stop the staring would you please?"

Immediately I broke my gaze and looked away. He noticed, oh no. I quickly brought my thoughts to rest and steadied myself. But, that wasn't the point. What? Come for me? My eyes widened as I replied, "W-What? Why?"

A playful smile emerged for that one second. He fixed his tuxedo and said, "It's a long story but I'll cut it short. You, can see me. You, are not normal, so you, are coming with me. Understood?"

I stared at him, my mind clearly filled with blank pages. Well, that didn't explain anything, did it? With a twist I lied down on my bed, my back facing him. "Now I can't see you, I can't see nothing."

I didn't see his face, but his aura felt calm, not affected by my oblivious attitude. The wind playing in his hair started to subside.
"It concerns your mother, Alicia."

Automatically my eyes popped out. He is making less and less sense. I smirked at him, "Yeah right, like something is going to happen to her."

His eyebrows danced a bit, "But something IS going to happen to her, and I need your help, if you don't want your mother to be granted eternal slumber."

I shivered by the thought of it. My mother was the only family I had. My father and my younger sister were granted eternal slumber - as he said- when I lost them in a car crash years ago. Now, my mother holds the family together, although there is only two members. She was tough, inside out, and as independent as anyone you can think of. The only compensation for holding power in her hands was her regressing health. So he did not fail to hold my attention to his explanation.

"I-Is it the False?" I asked, hands clutched too tightly. He nodded and replied, "I need your help, to save her."

"But what can I do? I'm nothing! I can only see you, what else? This is absurd-"
"I need your blood."

I locked my eyes with his, my hands held so tight that it hurt. A gush of panic rushed down my spine, my erythrocytes turning alert. Instantly I backed away from him.

He waited for me to calm down, and continued, "The False had sensed your family bloodline. Your blood is not the same. It holds something I can not tell you now, and since they failed in taking you away, they'll target your mother."

"When will they come?"
"Tonight, half an hour from now." His calm face now serious, body stern and alert.
"This is too much, what is there to do with our bloodline and the False?" I dared not look at him.
"There is not much time, darling," he ignored my question and continued with his own, "So, are you willing to?"

He reached out his hand in front of me, patiently waiting for my answer. The invisible wind flowed between his hair to his hand, the unseen magic circling his fingers. A faint breeze succeeded to reach my cheeks, pleading me to hold his hand.
Doubts twirling in my mind, I hesitated. But it was concerning my mother, my bloodline, my all. The fog clouding my thoughts suddenly cleared away. I cannot back away from this.

I grabbed his hand firmly and agreed. Out of the blue, the wind from his hand swiftly blew to my hand, surrounded my body and to my hair. A magnificent power lifted me from the ground, and I swore I thought I was floating. My auburn hair risen and fell from my shoulders in a melody, and a sense of peacefulness entwined my soul. The smell of wind and waters surrounded me, cleansing my body from head to toe. He smiled.

Once I felt my legs were back on the ground, I sensed something different in me. My body was light and it felt immensely carefree. So this is how he feels like every day.

I walked closer to him and he shuddered. I reached for his tie and fixed it.
"At least fix your crooked tie before we go, Lucanius."
He smiled warmly.
"Yes, Alicia."

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Chapter 4

False... False... False....

"Alicia! What is the square root of 19?"
Laughter filled the air.
I returned from my daydreaming wonderland and found out I was still in class with Mrs. Leong teaching mathematics, and I was standing up on my seat while the whole class laughed at my answer.

"Alicia, focus while I'm teaching! Do you want a C for your assignment?" threathened Mrs. Leong.
" Sorry, the square root of 19 is 361, maam, " I replied.
Gosh, since the whole Lucanius incident I kept thinking of the possible meanings for the False Lucanius mentioned. My mind wandered through most of my classes, including Biology, Chemistry, English and Mathematics.

Is a False a spooky creature? Or is it a kind of alien? Or a person? Or.... "Alicia!!! " I returned to reality with a shiver on my spine. It was Stella who was calling me. "Earth to Alicia!! Are you paying attention to my stories? Or are you just too cool to even bother?" She flickered her blonde hair behind her ear.

"N-No...! Sorry Stel, I don't feel like myself today..." It's true though. I didn't get much sleep last night, thanks to Lucanius, and I've spent the whole morning thinking about everything he said. Dreams, False, Dreams of Eden, Dreamists...... These words had been spinning in my head until now, if this keeps up, I think I will suffer from insomnia soon. I even forgot it was now recess time. To draw away my mind, I started topics with Stella about the usual stuff, like magazines, gossips about the angelic yet handsome Lawrence next class, and to-be-planned outings.


My body jolted. It wasn't me who thought of the word, but it was like a familiar voice echoing in my mind. Lucanius? But he wasn't around me, if so I would had seen him floating nearby. Who was it?

I can't let this be, so I excused myself from Stella and dashed to the toilet. Panting, I washed my face several times. I'm just hallucinating... All of this isn't reality, but a dream... nothing to be so concerned about... I thought quietly to myself. I walked slowly to the field. Students seldom come to the field ever since our last Sports Day which was 9 months ago, because our principal has banned the usage of the field so that students may focus on the upcoming year-end exams. Therefore, it wasn't awkward to find nobody at the field. I sat on the soft green grass and lifted my head.

The sky. A sign of freedom and home to countless clouds. I admire clouds, as they can be together with the sky and change their shapes whenever they want to whatever they want. Sometimes the sky is like a canvas, and the clouds are the paint. Streak by streak, the clouds create patterns no one has ever seen before, sometimes they look like the seabed, fold by fold, sometimes they will create abstract using curves, and sometimes, they just prefer to stay still, round and fluffy. Bindless, boundless, breathless. These are the words I would use to describe the mesmerizing scenery of the sky.

A flow of relaxation entered my body in a few seconds. I felt more like myself again, forgetting all the hustle and bustle I've been through the past 24 hours. And soon I found myself lying on the grass, counting clouds which looked like bubbles today.

I closed my eyes and let the breeze take my worries away, far, far, far away......

I was free of stress during the whole day. Not a single voice in my head, or mind-staking nouns I've never heard before in my life. I even whistled my favourite songs and clicked my fingers with a rhythmic beat on the way home. Everything went smooth for a change. I didn't even think about all the chaos at night, nor worry about the coming nightfall. My handphone vibrated when the alarm rang at 11pm, time to sleep. I snugged into my blanket and doze off in a flash. I didn't know, was I too tired or just too relaxed. It doesn't matter anyway, at least I could finally have my slumber.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Chapter 3

My eyes flipped over and a slightly fainting feeling made me very dizzy. There's no time to waste. But what can I do?

It's over, I thought to myself.

The creature's big mouth began to open, and in a few seconds, it pounded on me. Bits and pieces of flesh soon flew everywhere, and so wass massive pain. I shouted in fear and pain.

The last few seconds being alive was painstaking and rummaging. In an instant, I snapped out of it. My eyes flew wide open and I found out that I was in my room. Nothing's changed. I scratched my head hard n rubbed my eyes twice. Everything was back to normal. Wierd, i thought to myself. That's more confusing than meeting that Lucanius person. Assuming all of that was a dream, I headed back to bed.

"Did you have fun?"

"Aaahh!" I screamed. As I turned my head, there sits Lucanius on my chair. That cursed person was smiling his distinctive smile and waving at me. My veins begin to pop out of my head. Take a book and hit him as hard as you can! My brain was telling me. But I am a lady, ladies don't do violence.

"What did you do to me!?" I asked furiously. Well, there goes my courtesy. My mind was still recalling the horrendous nightmare like a non-stop slideshow.

"Me? I did nothing. That was your own dream. You humans call it a nightmare. Hmm I wonder why do you people call it that way? I get the "night" part, but why mare? Does it have a particular meaning or-"

"Hey! Get back to the topic!" I cut his effortless blabbering. "What do mean my dream? You really didn't mingle with my dream? But why did it felt so real?" My mind was creating questions, but not a logical explanation was found. I scratched my head again.

"First, you've dreamed a dream on your own, nothing else. But a False came and interrupted your dream, making your normal dream a nightmare. It felt so real because of the False. If a person fails to awake from the dream, his or her life would fall to the False and become their food. When I arrived, you were awake, rubbing your eyes, so I just relaxed for a while."

"But that doesn't explain everything. You were in my dream, not in reality. But now it's reality again, and you're still here. Mind explaining that?" I wondered.

Lucanius smirked. "Because I can see other people's dreams! I saw everything you've been through in your dream. And since you've dreamed me talking and explaining everything to you, then I won't go through the trouble to explain everything to you again. What a coincidence!" His eyebrows jolted for a while. " But a question still haunts me... why can you see me?"

"H-how would I know that? Anyway, would you just leave my room, please? I've been through a heck-of-a day here." I turned my back and head to bed again.


When I turned my head to face him again, he was gone. Not a sign of him being here was left, and it looked like I was talking to the table or something. I sighed, what are the odds? I've seen many odd happenings today. Finally! I closed my eyes and snugged in my blanket. Suddenly, a thought came to my mind.

"Oh, I forgot to ask him what was a False."

to b continued~

Friday, August 7, 2009

Chapter 2

So much things had just smashed into my mind in a moment. But I know that Lucanius was on a mission to find this so-called Eden's dream, yet don't know his main goal or have obtained the whereabouts of this classified Eden's dream. So it's just confusing.

He made my head turn around and unbalanced for a while, but I snapped out from my mind and replied, " Uh-huh, so if you've mistaken me by one of you dreamists, then can you please leave before I call the police or someone gets hurt."

Out of the blue, he laughed hysterically, " Don't worry! No one will see me, or should I say, no human can see me! Now to mention, I'm surprised that YOU can see me. Do you have any wierd talents or supernatural powers? "

Moving closer to me bit by bit, I backed away a few steps until I hit the corner of my bed and lied down. Forcefully he locked my position with his hands and secured my legs to the corner of the bed. Surprisingly, again, he has an unpredictable amount of strength, and of course, I couldn't escape.

Then, the worst case scenario emerged.

His sharp and dreamy face slowly transformed into the most hideous thing I've ever seen. His eyes became black holes with a yellow strike between them. His mouth became so wide that I think it can swallow an adult-sized human. Ears grew long and pointy, his nose became far more worse. He was changing into a monster. Hair flew everywhere, and his hands became scaly and moist. 3 tails grew behind him, followed by a disturbing howl.

I can't even bear to look at THAT, neither human nor monster, I couldn't judge any less. It's glare made me shiver. I can feel drops of my sweat falling down my backbone.

Ugh, not to mention his thousand year old breath.. But there's no time to fool around, as i know I'm gonna be swallowed up by a creature.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dreamist Lucanius

Chapter 1

Daily life was boring. The same routine repeating itself again again and again... what meaning does it have? It beared nothing at all. I felt nothing interesting was going to happen. The same people, the same place, the same life, the same same. Until I met a change of fate.

One day, when I was in my bedroom, reading the final chapter of the book I was so desperate to finish, the lights dimmed and in a moment, a blackout. I didn't realize it as a big deal, but something shone in the dark, a evil existence? I didn't know.

I watched the light, shining brighter and brighter until it hurts my eyes. I was too stunned to move or call for my brother. Suddenly, the light began to drop millions of tears embedded with countless diamond shards. It sprinkled on the ground like droplets of rain, and it made a crystallic melody. I shoved for a while for it was such a tune to my ears.

Before I knew it, the striking light burst like a bubble, and out comes a very oddly dressed guy. I could not believe my eyes because here stands a man which ages around 20 and he just popped out from a bubble-like shining portal.

I distanced away from him, relieving myself that he wasn't an alien or something freaky. He opened his eyes, and his glare was warming and surprisingly calm. With a mesmerizing smile, he opened his thin lips and said, " Do you know where the Dreams of Eden are?"

Definitely I would said no, but I just kept quiet and rejected to answer his question.

" Ok, " he said with a sigh, " I am the dreamist Lucanius, I am searching for the dreams that bound the sky with sadness, and I convert the dreams into happy dreams."

I looked at him, yet again with a confused look. But to tell you the truth, I was looking at his facial expressions and his looks.

He seemed slightly familiar, but with a semi touch of snowflakes in the winter mornings. He had a long curvy jaw and hair which has a mixture of aqua and marine blue. His eyes shone an enthusiastic spark and I think every second he would flash a smile towards me if I'd be his good friend. Either he seemed like those standing-by jokes just to make your day happier kind of guy, or he uses his emerald tainted eyes to tell you his part of the story. When I got to his broad shoulders, his clothes just caught my sight. It was the most particular outfit I've seen. There sewn on the black coat is a symbol which I was quite amused of, if I didn't noticed it wrongly, it was the symbol of a moon revolving around the sun. The black coat had a very long end, even a person with the same height of his or higher couldn't prevent the ends to touch the ground. Inside the coat he wore a white sleeve blouse, dark-coloured boots, and nothing special that comes in mind.

After blankly staring at him, I snapped out for a moment and decided to answer him.
"Welcome." I said tentatively. " I don't understand anything you're saying. Why did you land or come to my room? What's this dreamist thing? And that Dreams of Eden you just pointed out, what is it?"

He wasn't at all a frustrating person. He changed into a confused gesture and replied, " Oh, I understand that you seem to misunderstand the current situation. " He took a deep breath and continued, " Let me start all over again. I'm Lucanius, that's my name. I am a Dreamist. We Dreamists find every nightmare or sad dreams of a person, and "correct" it by taking away the negative dreams by replacing them with happy dreams. I came to your room because I thought you are one of my kind. I also stopped by your house because a sensed a sad dream that's going to happen here. The information about the Dreams of Eden is strictly classified, so I can't tell you every cornering detail of this so called massive dream. "

to b continued~~~~~

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Dreamist Lucanius

don't ask me wad it means......
it's just a name.....

this is a blog made for no reason......
another blog to reach into hearts....
a blog to make dreams come true...

strvayne.blogspot is 4 daily lives......
this isn't 4 daily live bloggings.........

expect the wierd or something out of natural here...

i dream to find my future........
lucanius beside me..........

i thrive for the happiness.....

~Dreamist Lucanius~